City of Santa Cruz

May 2, 2024 | Grantees

 The City of Santa Cruz was granted certain sovereign tidelands in trust in 1872 for public use. In subsequent granting statutes, the City was also granted in trust sovereign submerged lands lying between Santa Cruz Point and the west jetty of the small craft harbor (in 1969), and three parcels of land (in 2010) that were acquired and held by the Commission through a Title Settlement Agreement.

City of Santa Cruz

The City is required by Section 6306 of the Public Resources Code to complete an annual financial statement and standardized reporting form for trust lands on or before December 31 of each year.

Below is a list of reports the City has submitted:

Settlement / Agreement Number Description
AD 537  
Statute Description
Chapter 342, Statutes of 1872 An Act supplementary to and amendatory of an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Town of Santa Cruz, approved March thirty-first, eighteen hundred and sixty-six.
Chapter 902, Statutes of 1968 An act to quitclaim to and confirm in the County of Santa Cruz and the City of Santa Cruz all interest of the state in and to certain parcels of land in the County of Santa Cruz and declaring such lands to be free of any trust applicable thereto for commerce, navigation, and fisheries.
Chapter 1291, Statutes of 1969 An act to convey certain tide and submerged lands to the City of Santa Cruz, in furtherance of navigation, commerce and fisheries upon certain trusts and conditions, and providing for the government, management, use, and control thereof, and reserving rights to the state.
Chapter 377, Statutes of 2010 An act relating to tidelands and submerged lands.
Staff Report Description
04/24/1974 (29) Approval of survey and maps of the grant
10/29/1975 (36) Approval of project on the Municipal Wharf at Santa Cruz
12/16/1980 (32) Consideration of proposed beach erosion control
08/20/1981 (05) Item pulled from agenda
09/29/1981 (24) Consideration of proposed wharf improvements
11/21/1983 (06) Consideration of substantial improvement
08/11/2009 (43) Consideration of a proposed settlement of Santa Cruz Seaside Co. v. City of Santa Cruz, et al., Superior Court Case No. CV 156815 (County of Santa Cruz), involving a proposed title settlement and land exchange agreement and issuance of a 49-year general lease – public agency use – of lands acquired by the Commission to the City involving certain parcels along the San Lorenzo River and the Pacific Ocean