Next Commission Meeting - August 23, 2019, at 1 p.m.

Southern California

Location and time are subject to change.


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Aerial photo of the San Diego Unified Port District courtesy of the San Diego Unified Port District

The Commission held its June public meeting in San Diego, where many of the State’s most beautiful public lands, beaches, and natural resources are located. At the meeting, the Commission...

Photo of the beach for lease PRC 421

Goleta - Since Venoco LLC quitclaimed State Lease PRC 421, which includes the PRC 421 wells, the Commission, through its agents, has undertaken the plug and abandonment operations (in Venoco’s...

Aerial drone photo of Hollister Ranch beaches

California’s iconic coast is home to many of California’s precious natural, cultural, and historic resources. The public policy of protecting, expanding, enhancing, and promoting public access to the State’s coast,...