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Tuesday, December 5 at 10 a.m.

In Sacramento and online.

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Aerial view of pilings in the water with train tracks to the right of the waterline.

The Eckley Pier Removal Project in the Carquinez Strait near the town of Crockett is underway. This project involves removing roughly 400 timber creosote piles and deck debris. The pilings are...

Seagulls stand watch on the shore at Mission Beach in San Diego, Calif. on January 9, 2013.

The October meeting was held in San Diego. Rafael Castellanos, Chair of the Port of San Diego, welcomed the Commission. Executive Officer Jennifer Lucchesi provided updates on the Tijuana River...

Draft Shoreline Adaptation Report

The Commission seeks public comment on its 2023 Draft Shoreline Adaptation Report developed to guide analysis and decision-making for leasing shoreline protection and adaptation structures on ungranted state tidelands. The...

Read or download the Port Readiness plan.

Per AB 525, the California Energy Commission, in coordination with relevant state and local agencies, must develop a plan to improve waterfront facilities that could support a range of floating...

Read or download the Workforce Development plan.

The purpose of the AB 525 Workforce Development Readiness Plan, published by the State Lands Commission, is to recommend workforce development efforts ahead of the necessary seaport investments and activities...

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