Santa Cruz Port District

May 23, 2024 | Grantees

In 1968, the Santa Cruz Port District was granted 16 parcels of sovereign tidelands and submerged lands within the Santa Cruz Harbor to hold in trust for the establishment, improvement, and conduct of a harbor, marina, aquatic playground, airport, or aviation facility, for public buildings, public assembly and meeting places, convention centers, parks, playgrounds, bathhouses, recreation and fishing piers, public recreation facilities, for the promotion of commerce or navigation, and for transportation and utility facilities or betterments incidental or convenient for the promotion of these uses.

Santa Cruz Harbor

The District is required by Section 6306 of the Public Resources Code to complete an annual financial statement and standardized reporting form for trust lands on or before December 31 of each year.

Below is a list of reports the District has submitted:

Statute Description
Chapter 818, Statutes of 1968 An act conveying in trust certain tidelands and submerged lands in the County of Santa Cruz to the Santa Cruz Port District in furtherance of navigation and commerce and the fisheries and providing for the government, management and control thereof, and reserving rights to the state.
Staff Report Description
06/26/1980 (28) Compliance with terms of grant
02/22/2013 (62) General lease – public agency use