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Legacy Wells Plug and Abandonment Engineering Consultant

The Commission has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), RFQ 2019-013, entitled “Legacy Wells Plug and Abandonment Engineering Consultant”. The purpose of this RFQ is to initiate the process by which the Commission will contract with a firm with the appropriate...

Oil Pipeline Company to Pay more than $60 Million to Settle 2015 Refugio Oil Spill

Santa Barbara, Calif. – State officials announce a comprehensive civil settlement with Plains All American Pipeline resolving natural resource damages, penalties and response costs associated with a crude oil spill near Santa Barbara in May 2015. The spill from an underground pipeline owned by the company caused injury to natural resources including birds, marine mammals, shoreline and subtidal habitats, and required beaches to close to be closed to the public.

Terminated Offshore Oil & Gas Lease Summary

TerminationDate Lease Lessee Acres Staff Report Location 06/28/2019 4000 Carone 204 98 Santa Barbara Channel, Offshore Carpinteria 06/28/2019 7911 Carone 1,541 98 Carpinteria Offshore Oilfield, Southern portion of State Oil & Gas Lease 3150 06/28/2019 3133...

Quitclaimed Offshore Oil & Gas Lease Status Summary

Statusas of: Total Developedand Producing Developedand Non- Producing Undeveloped NumberQuitclaimed AverageProduction(barrels per day) QuitclaimedLeases NumberQuitclaimedto Date Jan 1965to Dec 1969 44 36 0 8 2 65,308 2198, 2205 2 Jan 1970to Dec 1974 58 38 2 18 3...

Final Abandonment of PRC 421-2 Well

The California State Lands Commission and its contractors will commence the final abandonment of the PRC 421-2 well on Haskell’s Beach on or about Thursday, August 29th. This is the site of the small oil discharge that occurred in late May.

Crude oil release in Goleta

The San Diego Ocean Planning Partnership has released an interactive, user-friendly Web Mapping Application that is designed to help users better understand the dynamic ocean space and ocean-related data offshore San Diego County.