Category: Marine Invasive Species Program

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

The Marine Invasive Species program published its third peer-reviewed scientific journal article this year. The article, published in the Journal Frontiers in Marine Science through a collaboration with the University of Maryland, New Zealand EPA, and Safinah Group in the UK, focused on biofouling and the environmental consequences of cleaning ships while in the water.

Reports, Research, & Presentations

The Marine Invasive Species Program reports to the California Legislature on a variety of program activities. The reports are listed below. Staff also give presentations on invasive species and reducing the risk of shipping-mediated nonindigenous species...

Data Summaries

The Marine Invasive Species Program monitors and analyzes vessel arrival patterns at all California ports. Staff obtains arrivals data from the Marine Exchanges of Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Region and ballast water data from the vessel-submitted...