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Meeting Date Item NAME WO LSE_TYPE Improvements Location PRC_Number Non_PRC County Lease_Status
2023-10-1946Landgate Corp.; California State Lands Commission (Parties)N/AConsider (1) authorizing the Executive Officer or her designee to enter into non-exclusive agreements with LandGate Corp. to list School Lands properties or resources on online platforms, when such services are offered at no cost to the State; and (2) authorizing staff to advertise School Lands parcels with LandGate Corp., at their discretion.C2023013Statewide
2023-10-1950City of Long BeachW 17166N/AConsider acceptance of the Final Report and Closing Statement for the Long Beach Unit Annual Plan (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023)Long Beach Unit, Wilmington Oil FieldLos AngelesAccepted
2023-10-1953Trudy Marilyn Ehmke and Troy Elbert Land (Party)N/AConsider issuance of a PatentSwamp and Overflow Lands near the Eel River, FortunaHUM 340, S&O Loc. 3518HumboldtApproved
2023-10-1954Trina Gould (Party)W 27264N/AConsider taking title to and authorizing the removal and disposal of two abandoned buoysLake Tahoe, near HomewoodPlacerApproved
2023-10-1955Marty and Ronnie Sherman (Parties)W 27264N/AConsider taking title to and authorizing the removal and disposal of an abandoned buoyLake Tahoe, near HomewoodPlacerApproved
2023-10-1956University of California, DavisN/AIntertidal Zone of the Pacific OceanI 4066Statewide OffshoreApproved
2023-10-1957California State Lands Commission; Amazon.Com Services LLC (Parties)G 11-00N/AConsider a Title Settlement and Exchange Agreement between the State of California, acting by and through the California State Lands Commission, in its regular capacity and as Trustee of the Kapiloff Land Bank Fund, and Services LLC, regarding certain interests in landsCity and County of San FranciscoAD 688San FranciscoApproved
2023-10-1958City of CarpinteriaG 15-02N/AConsider an amendment for a three-year extension to an oil and gas pipeline leaselegislatively granted sovereign land in the city of CarpinteriaSanta BarbaraApproved
2023-10-1959City of Santa MonicaG 05-08N/AReview a proposed tideland revenue expenditure in an amount not to exceed $1,355,000 by the City of Santa Monica for three capital improvement projectslegislatively granted sovereign land in the City of Santa MonicaLos AngelesApproved
2023-10-1961California State Lands CommissionN/AInformation update on state legislation relevant to the California State Lands CommissionStatewideInformational