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Aerial photo of the Cemex dredge pond in Marina, CA.  Source unknown
The California Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission, City of Marina, and CEMEX have reached a proposed settlement to end CEMEX's sand mining operations in Monterey County. The settlement, pending approval by the State Lands Commission and the Coastal Commission, provides a December 31, 2020 date for ending the sand extraction operations and interim operating conditions to protect public trust resources while the sand mining operation is phased out. Commission Chair press release.
Aerial photo of the Cemex dredge pond in Marina, CA.  Source unknown
The Commission issued a notice to CEMEX ordering them to comply with state law or cease their sand mining operations. Scientists conclude that the CEMEX Lapis mine, the last coastal sand mining operation in the nation, is contributing to the rapid erosion and disappearance of beaches along the Monterey coast.
Photo of Platform Holly
Venoco, LLC has quitclaimed its interests in South Ellwood Field leases, including Platform Holly and the Ellwood Beach pier offshore leases in Santa Barbara County. See our Fact Sheet for more.
Photo of Martin's Beach by T. Shaulinka, CSLC staff
At its December 2016 meeting the Commission was updated on the status of negotiations to acquire a public access easement to and along Martins Beach near Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County. This staff appraisal was prepared for purposes of negotiating an easement to provide public access to Martins Beach.



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The Commission is updating its environmental justice policy and is outreaching to environmental justice communities and to others to elicit input that will shape our revised policy.

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