April 4, 2024 Meeting Highlights

The April meeting took place in San Pedro at the Port of Los Angeles. The Port’s Deputy Executive Director, David Libatique, welcomed the Commission on behalf of the Port and expressed support for our continued collaboration.

The staff reports from our meeting are available on the Commission’s website. The Executive Officer’s Report has updates from our divisions and executive leadership, including about a new sediment management and restoration permitting roadmap for coastal projects in northern central California that was developed with support from NOAA Greater Farallones, the National Marine Sanctuary, the State Lands Commission, and others, as well as about upcoming audits of the state’s 35 marine oil terminals as part of the Commission’s oil spill prevention program and to confirm compliance with our pipeline preventative maintenance program, two summits focused on tribal nations and environmental justice in natural resource management, and a deceased 30-foot whale that washed up in Huntington Beach near the Bolsa Chica ecological reserve. There is also an update on a significant legal victory relating to offshore oil and gas production and two offshore oil and gas decommissioning projects.  Below are highlights from our meeting.


  • Authorized 33 new leases for the use of public lands and resources, 10 of which included public access provisions.
  • Authorized four lease amendments, one lease assignment, four bond or rent revisions, and two lease encumbrances.
  • Authorized one non-exclusive geological survey permit for land in the Feather River.

Solana Beach Benchmark Rental Rate

The Commission approved updated benchmark rental rates for sovereign land in Solana Beach in San Diego County. Benchmarks establish uniform rental rates in specific geographic regions with large concentrations of similar facilities and assure that the people of California are compensated for the use and occupation of state-owned land. The benchmarks the Commission approved, called category two rental rates, apply to non-water dependent uses such as protective structures, cantilevered decks, and sundecks. Category one rates, which were not part of today’s action, apply to water-dependent uses such as docks, piers, and buoys. The Commission typically updates its benchmark rental rate every five years.

Port of Stockton Rail Bridge Replacement and Improvement Project

The Commission authorized a lease to construct a rail bridge over the San Joaquin River to replace a single-track wood and steel truss bridge built in the 1930s that serves the Port of Stockton. The existing bridge and all associated piles will be removed as part of the project, which is anticipated to take four years. The project will accommodate rail infrastructure capacity needs at the Port, increase train operation efficiency, increase safety, and support a projected increase in train volume.

Land Management Leases

The Commission authorized an update to the general lease provisions used in most new surface leases it issues. The general lease provisions, which are updates to existing provisions, address common surface leasing issues such as rental payment and insurance requirements, taxes, assessments, indemnification, lease assignments, and restoring the lease premises at the end of the lease. The updates enhance transparency and benefit our public land management work by streamlining and modernizing contract language.

State Legislation

Staff briefed the Commission about state legislation affecting the Commission or issue areas relevant to the Commission’s mission, vision, and responsibilities. This item was informational. Staff anticipates the Commission considering whether to take a position on certain bills at its June 7 public meeting.

Future Meetings and Ways to Stay Informed

The Commission’s next meeting will be on June 7 in the Bay Area. You can sign up on our website to receive updates about future Commission meetings or follow us on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube. You can watch a webcast of the April meeting and past meetings on Cal-Span.