Summary of shoreline hazards removal from Haskell’s Beach

In late November, the Commission and its consultant removed hazards on behalf of the City of Goleta, including 15 pipeline segments, that were exposed because of eroding bluffs. More information, including a site map, environmental compliance checklist, and pre-project biological survey, is available here.


Supervising Mineral Resources Engineer
Chandrashekar Basavalinganadoddi

Media Inquiries or SB 44 questions
Sheri Pemberton

EIR and Mitigation Monitoring Program questions
Eric Gillies

Summerland Seep Form

Please use this form to report oil seeps or sheens at Summerland Beach in Santa Barbara County.

Email the completed form to or contact the Santa Barbara field office at 805.685.8502 for information about submitting the form or reporting oil seeps or sheens.

Summerland Seep Report Form