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Commission releases Alternative Port Assessment to Support Offshore Wind

The study presents the results of a high-level screening to assess the feasibility of developing undeveloped sites or expanding already developed waterfronts between San Francisco and Long Beach for offshore wind activities. The study is an integral component of efforts to develop a comprehensive port infrastructure and investment plan to ensure the state’s offshore wind deployment goals can be met (pursuant to AB 525, Chiu).

AB 691 Synthesis Report

This report synthesizes the sea level rise vulnerability assessments local trustees submitted to the Commission under AB 691 (Muratsuchi) Chapter 592, Statutes of 2013. The report identifies the major findings from the assessments relative to sea level rise...

2022 Strategic Land Investment Considerations for the School Land Bank Fund

The Commission authorized the Executive Officer to retain a professional real estate broker to assist with acquiring property using School Land Bank Fund revenue. This action follows a recent report prepared for the Commission that provides a strategy to invest in commercial and agricultural property to generate revenue that will benefit CalSTRS, consistent with its mandate under the School Land Bank Act.