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Meeting Date: 2021-10-21

Item/Link Name Work Order/App Number Lease/Permit Type Improvements Location Lease/Permit Number Other County Status
1Jesus G. Dominguez and Rosa Lilia N. Dominguez, Trustees of the Jessie and Lilly Dominguez Revocable TrustA3229General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, gangway and three pilingsSacramento River, adjacent to 53746 South River Road, near Clarksburg8425YoloPending
2Jennifer Hughes Dowley; Howard Reese Hughes; and Meredith Hughes LyonsGeneral Lease-Recreational Usetwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3105 West Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City7556PlacerPending
3Sierra Boat Company, Inc., a California corporation; Sierra Boat Properties, a California limited liability company; First Republic BankA3198General Lease-Commercial Useexisting commercial pier, breakwater, fueling facility, and 15 mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 5146 North Lake Boulevard, near Carnelian Bay5680PlacerAssignment, Sublease endorsement, Agreement and Consent to Encumber lease
42101-2603 Wilbur, LLC, a Missouri Limited Liability CompanyA2869General Lease-Industrial Usenon-operational industrial wharf, two five-pile dolphins, a maintenance pier, water intake pipeline, electrical substation, storm water outfall, instrumentation shed, three day beacons, and surge basin, concrete deck, a roll-on roll-off (RORO) ramp,San Joaquin River, adjacent to 2301 Wilbur Road, near the city of Antioch1546Contra CostaPending
5Selena Ray and Billy RayA2277General Lease-Commercial Usecommercial marina consisting of 126 covered and uncovered berths, debris barrier, harbor master?s office, gas pump, sewage pumpout facility, boat launch, storage shed, and access bridge.Sacramento River, adjacent to 8651 River Road, near Freeport3264SacramentoActive
6Orlando Teixeira and Maria F. TeixeiraA3191General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Usecovered single-berth boat dock with boat lift, gangway, ramp, three pilings, jet-ski ramp, waterline and electrical conduit and bank protectionGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 17071 Terminous Road, near Isleton8628SacramentoActive
7Joshua Evans and Nicole EvansA3144General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, landing, ramp, walkway, four pilings and a two-pile dolphinThree-Mile Slough, adjacent to 18164 Sherman Island East Levee Road, near Rio Vista8414SacramentoActive
8Janelle M. Hopps, as Trustee of the Vitznau Trust Under Trust Instrument Dated January 19, 1999 as to an undivided 50% interest; and Ryan A. Baily, a single man, as to an undivided 50% interestA3149General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, gangway, three pilings and two-pile dolphinSacramento River, adjacent to 3505 Garden Highway, near Sacramento5720SacramentoActive
9Roy W. Keller and Nicole A. Keller, TrusteesA2979General Lease-Recreational Useone piling and one three-piling dolphinSacramento River, adjacent to 10545 Highway 160, near Hood6610SacramentoPending
10KHA Bradford Ranch LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyA3108General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, walkway, two pilings, and wood breakwater with eleven pilingsFalse River, adjacent to 5700 Bradford Island Road, near Oakley5900Contra CostaActive
11Spencer Jackson and Kristin MorrisonA2871General Lease-Recreational Usedeck, boat dock, and appurtenant facilities.Corte Madera Creek, adjacent to 113 Greenbrae Boardwalk, Greenbrae8211MarinPending
12Bryan A. Nick, TrusteeA2135General Lease-Recreational Pier Leaseboat dock, gangway, five pilings and a watercraft floatSacramento River, adjacent to 11851 Riverside Avenue, Courtland2952SacramentoPending
13Sierra Health FoundationA2824General Lease-Protective Structure Useexisting bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 1321 Garden Highway, near Sacramento7951SacramentoPULLED
14Kevin Paul Steward and Lori Anne Steward, TrusteesA3111General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, gangway and five pilingsSacramento River, adjacent to 14513 Isleton Road, near Walnut Grove8407SacramentoActive
15United States Geological SurveyGeneral Lease-Public Agency Use36 water monitoring stations and 24 pilingsOld River, Middle River, San Joaquin River, Holland Cut, False River, South Fork Mokelumne River, North Fork Mokelumne, Little Potato Slough, Threemile Slough, Sacramento River, Sutter Slough, Steamboat Slough, Georgiana Slough, Miner Slough, Cache Slough, and Suisun Bay7650Contra CostaPending
16Donald James Bjork and Jean Ann Bjork, as TrusteesA2779General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, gangway, two deadmen anchor systems, and bank protection.Sacramento River, adjacent to 4435 Garden Highway, Sacramento8026SacramentoActive
17Pamela B. Wittpen, as TrusteeA3094General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, ramp and four pilingsSacramento River, adjacent to 6882 Arabella Way at Garcia Bend, near Sacramento8744SacramentoPending
18California Department of TransportationA3081Permit-Public Agency UseRoad improvements, including curb ramp reconstruction, upgrade of existing traffic signals, and temporary construction easementsSovereign Land adjacent to Pacific Coast Highway and 1st Street, Seal Beach9674OrangeActive
18California Department of TransportationA3081General Lease-Right of Way UseRoad improvements, including curb ramp reconstruction, upgrade of existing traffic signals, and temporary construction easements.Fee-owned land adjacent to 1700 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach9675OrangeActive
19City of Port HuenemeA3018General Lease-Public Agency Usepublic recreational pier and appurtenant facilities.Pacific Ocean, adjacent to Assessor?s Parcel Numbers 207-0-270-025 and 207-0-290-160, city of Port Hueneme4661VenturaActive
20Martin Resorts, Inc.General Lease-Protective Structure Userock riprap shoreline protective structures, portions of a retaining wall, and sand fillPacific Ocean adjacent to 2411, 2555, 2575, and 2651 Price Street, city of Pismo Beach4698San Luis ObispoActive
21Orange County Flood Control DistrictA3053General Lease-Public Agency Usetwo riprap flood control jetties, one riprap dike, and maintenance dredgingin the lower Santa Ana River9358OrangeActive
22Douglas Williams and Anne Williams, TrusteesA3054General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, access ramp, and cantilevered deckHuntington Harbour, adjacent to 16682 Coral Cay Lane, Huntington Beach5761OrangeActive
23Kern River Gas Transmission CompanyA2835General Lease-Right of Way Useexisting gas pipelineState-owned school land, located in a portion of Section 16, Township 17 North, Range 14 East, SBM, near Mountain Pass and in a portion of Section 36, Township 14 North, Range 6 East, SBM, west of Baker7512San BernardinoPULLED
24Kern River Gas Transmission CompanyA2836General Lease-Right of Way Useexisting gas pipelineState-owned school land, located in a portion of Section 16, Township 17 North, Range 14 East, SBM, near Mountain Pass and in a portion of Section 36, Township 14 North, Range 6 East, SBM, west of Baker8412San BernardinoPULLED
25Frontier California, Inc.A2137General Lease-Right of Way Useunderground fiber optic communication cable and a copper communication cableState indemnity school land in a portion of Section 26, T9N R2E, SBM, near the unincorporated community of Newberry Springs7522San BernardinoActive
26Summit Exploration (California) LLCW 40847 DSubsurface Oil & Gas LeaseSnodgrass Slough, near Walnut Grove8395SacramentoTermination
27Halo Ranch, a California Limited Liability Company; California State Lands CommissionW 27251Compromise Title Settlement and Land Exchange AgreementHistoric tidelands and existing tidal marsh near the Petaluma River within portions of Assessor?s Parcel Number 068-010-004, commonly known as 4551 Lakeville Highway, PetalumaSonoma
28City of EurekaG 04-02.10Approval of a lease issued by the City of Eureka to construct and operate a marine supply businessgranted sovereign tide and submerged lands located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Waterfront Drive and Marina Way (APN 003-062-027) in the city of EurekaEureka
29California State Lands CommissionUpdate about the 2021 state legislative sessionStatewideInformational
30California Department of Parks and RecreationA3220General Lease-Public Agency Useauthorize the use of an existing paved parking lot in support of a proposed Safe Parking Area and Vehicle Triage Centerfilled sovereign land within the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area in San Francisco6414San FranciscoAmendment and an endorsement of a sublease
31California State Lands CommissionW 27250Authorize abandoned vessel removal and contracting activitiesSevenmile Slough, near IsletonSacramentoApproved
32California State Lands CommissionA2181 A2222Authorize the Executive Officer to solicit Statements of Interest for consultant services, negotiate fair and reasonable prices, and award and execute agreements for the preparation of environmental documentation and mitigation monitoring for two proposed?offshore wind energy projects.Pacific Ocean, near Vandenberg Space Force BaseSanta Barbara