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Meeting Date: 2021-02-23

Item/Link Name Work Order/App Number Lease/Permit Type Improvements Location Lease/Permit Number Other County Status
1John Brockway Metcalf and Elizabeth Scott MetcalfA2347General Lease-Recreational Usepier and three mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 9031 Lupine Way, near South Lake Tahoe9324El DoradoActive
2Department of TransportationA2672General Lease-Public Agency Usereplacement of the Dr. Fine Memorial Bridge and temporary rights-of-way for construction of the new bridge and temporary detour panel bridge over the Smith River along Highway 101.Smith River near Crescent City (Highway 101)7896Del NorteActive
3Drum Lodge LLC, A Delaware Limited Liability CompanyA2806General Lease-Recreational Useuse and maintenance of one mooring buoy not previously authorized by the Commission; removal of an existing pier; and construction of a pier, catwalk, and rampLake Tahoe, adjacent to 7701 State Highway 89, near Meeks Bay4266PlacerPULLED
4Monica Flannigan and Zachary SachenA2842General Lease-Recreational Usetwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8730 Brockway Vista Avenue, Kings Beach9650PlacerActive
5Richard and Sheila HickmanW 27121General Lease-Recreational Usetwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 7372 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe Vista9651PlacerActive
6Gary Claus Johnson and Terrilynn Kay Johnson, TrusteesA2687General Lease-Recreational Usepier, adjustable catwalk and boat liftLake Tahoe, adjacent to 6924 Pomin Avenue, near Tahoma5579PlacerActive
7Joe Massolo and Sons Trucking Company, Inc., a California CorporationA2348General Lease-Recreational Usepier, boathouse, and three mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 8751 Rubicon Drive, near Rubicon Bay4063El DoradoActive
8Helio A. Fialho and Therese S. Fialho, Trustees; and Willis K. Polite Jr., TrusteeA2786General Lease-Recreational Usejoint-use pier, two boat lifts, and three mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 1600 and 1620 North Lake Boulevard, near Tahoe City5561PlacerActive
9Grable B. RonningA2731General Lease-Recreational Useone mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to 105 Chipmunk Street, Kings Beach9652PlacerActive
10RTI Infrastructure, Inc.W 27218General Lease-Right of Way Usefour, 6-inch-diameter steel landing pipes and two, 2-inch-diameter subsea fiber-optic cables.tide and submerged land in the Pacific Ocean, adjacent to the Samoa Peninsula, near Samoa9656HumboldtPending
11Nader Panah-Izadi and Brigitte Panah-IzadiA2244General Lease-Recreational Useone mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to 255 Drum Road, near Meeks Bay9070El DoradoActive
12Sutter Butte Flood Control AgencyA2702General Lease-DredgingMaintenance dredge a maximum of 3,400 cubic yards of sediment and 1.5 acres of invasive water primrose.Feather River, adjacent to 1100 Pennington Road, near Live Oak9653SutterActive
13The Lake Tahoe Lakehouse, LLCA2628General Lease-Recreational Usetwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 2780 Lake Terrace Avenue, Tahoe City8312PlacerActive
14The Woodrow A. Hahn and Charlotte M. Hahn Living Trust Dated June 7, 1977, Charlene R. Doyle and Beverly J. Garton, Co-TrusteesA2767General Lease-Recreational Useone mooring buoyLake Tahoe, adjacent to 3165 West Lake Boulevard, near Homewood9654PlacerActive
15Carolyn Walker Shaw, Trustee of the Trust for the Benefit of Jordan Kindy Shaw and James Walker Shaw Created in the Jean Walker Lowell Personal Residence Trust Dated August 16, 2006A2728General Lease-Recreational Usetwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 4060 North Lake Boulevard, Carnelian Bay6367PlacerActive
16Tony Weir Industries, LLC, a California Limited Liability CompanyA2747General Lease-Recreational Usetwo mooring buoysLake Tahoe, adjacent to 242 Four Ring Road, near Rubicon Bay9655El DoradoPending
17BNSF Railway CompanyA2678General Lease-Right of Way Userailroad bridge, known as the Santa Fe Avenue Railroad Bridge.Tuolumne River adjacent to Santa Fe Avenue, near Empire7767StanislausActive
18City of SacramentoA2694General Lease-Public Agency UseHowe Avenue Bridge (Right Of Way 110 ft. by 308 ft.)American River at Howe Avenue in Sacramento3927SacramentoActive
19City of StocktonA2631General Lease-Public Agency Use36-inch-diameter buried pipeline for wastewater conveyanceSan Joaquin River, adjacent to 2500 Navy Drive, Stockton2108San JoaquinActive
20Delta Yacht Club, Inc., a California Domestic Nonprofit CorporationA2709General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, gangway, electric and water utility outlets, and bank protectionSan Joaquin River, adjacent to Assessor?s Parcel Number 129-120-010, at Tule Island, near Stockton3930San JoaquinActive
21Patricia R. Enos, Ron J. Enos, and Stacy A. Benson, Co-Trustees of the Enos Family TrustA2860General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, ramp and four pilingsGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 14810 Andrus Island Road, near Walnut Grove8906SacramentoActive
22Wolfgang R. FrickeA2751General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, ramp, 2-pile dolphin, four pilings, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 37600 South River Road, near Clarksburg7462YoloActive
23Brandon A. Castillo and Monica L. Castillo, as Trustees of the Castillo Family Trust dated April 20, 2018A2643General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, ramp, piling, one 2-pile dolphin, personal watercraft float, and bank protectionSacramento River, adjacent to 3445 Garden Highway, near the city of Sacramento5124SacramentoActive
24Keith Hobert and Laurie HobertA2757General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock, ramp, landing, deck, dolphin piling, and bank protection.Sacramento River, adjacent to 17404 Grand Island Road, near Walnut Grove4761SacramentoActive
25Jerry W. Maddern, Trustee of the Jerry W. Maddern 2017 Trust, dated September 26, 2017A2802General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure UseBoat dock with slip and enclosed boathouse with boat lift, walkway, four pilings, five unattached pilings, and one 2-pile dolphin and bank protectionGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 17151 Terminous Road, near Isleton5273SacramentoActive
26Adam Willner, Trustee and Marta Benson, Trustee of The Willner-Benson Family TrustA2828General Lease-Recreational Usedock and a portion of an existing deckCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 35 Boardwalk One, near Larkspur9488MarinActive
27Carol Jane Dunn and Alexander Benton Pakter, Trustees of the Alexander Benton Pakter and Carol Jane Dunn Living Trust, dated June 21, 2018A2710General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useboat dock with two stabilizer poles, boat hoist, utility outlets, cable wires, deck, ramp, platform, two speed buoys, and bank protectionGeorgiana Slough, adjacent to 15433 Andrus Island Road, near Isleton5780SacramentoPending
28Ruth A. Rodgers and Michael B. MacQuarrieA 2703General Lease-Residential and Recreational Useportion of residence with walkway, dock, ramp, boat lift and floatCorte Madera Creek, adjacent to 30 Lucky Drive, near Greenbrae9472MarinActive
29U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of ReclamationGeneral Lease-Public Agency Usetwo water-quality monitoring recorder stations, consisting of a fixed pier, security building, and monitoring recording equipmentSacramento River, adjacent to Assessor?s Parcel Number 158-0050-001, near Emmaton, Sacramento County; and in the Mokelumne River, adjacent to Assessor?s Parcel Number 069-020-190, near Staten Island, San Joaquin County3717Sacramento San JoaquinPending
30U.S. Department of Transportation, Maritime AdministrationA 2551General Lease-Public Agency Usepier with finger piers, administration barge, and General Anchorage 26Suisun Bay, adjacent to 2595 Lake Herman Road, near Benicia7838SolanoActive
31City of FirebaughA2872General Lease-Public Agency Usebank protection and two stormwater outfall pipelines.San Joaquin River, approximately 300 ft. section of the west bank, city of Firebaugh8861FresnoActive
32Deborah DiBenedetto, Trustee of the Deborah DiBenedetto Trust, dated May 3, 2007A2411General Lease-Recreational Useboat dock, access ramp and cantilevered deckMain Channel of Huntington Harbour; adjacent to 16562 Somerset Lane, Huntington Beach3246OrangeActive
33Davis Hunter Doty and Danielle Marie Doty, and David Hunter Doty and Ann-Grete Doty, and Bradley Olson and Genevieve OlsonA2839General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Usefloating boat dock, walkway, access ramp, stairway and riprap bankline protectionColorado River, adjacent to 1207 Beach Drive, Needles9281San BernardinoActive
34William Armstrong and Amanda Armstrong, Trustees of the William and Amanda Armstrong Revocable Trust dated July 13, 2020A2761General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Usetwo planter areas with rock and concrete block retaining walls and electrical and irrigation appurtenances, concrete stairs, concrete patio, riprap bankline, aluminum stairway and gangway with railing, and a floating boat dockColorado River, adjacent to 1150 Beach Drive, Needles9136San BernardinoActive
35Regents of University of MichiganA2873General Lease-Public Agency Usetwo monitoring towers, a data collection and transmission box, and a solar power collection stationdry lake bed of Owens Lake9031InyoActive
36SOTW Group, LLCA2854General Lease-Recreational and Protective Structure Useconcrete stairway with rock retaining wall, raised planter area with concrete retaining wall, and riprap banklineColorado River, adjacent to 1240 Beach Drive, Needles9503San BernardinoActive
37California State Lands CommissionW 4848.1 W 4848.4 W 4848.8Qualifying miles for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 subventions to the Cities of Huntington Beach and Seal Beach and to the City of Long BeachCities of Huntington Beach and Seal Beach in Orange County and the City of Long Beach in Los Angeles CountyOrange Los Angeles
38Robert G. WetzelA2852Mineral Resource Lease-Mineral Prospect Permitdrill a total of six holes. Under the existing prospecting permit, one hole was already drilled directly on the State parcel and subsequently plugged to the surface. Five additional holes will be drilled into the State parcel from the adjacent BureauState fee-owned school land (State Parcel Number 202-017; Assessor?s Parcel Number 0570-051-24), located within Sec.16, T15N R10E, SBM, approximately 3 miles northwest of Interstate 15 Halloran Springs Exit9305San BernardinoActive
39U. S. National Park ServiceW 24484Cession of Concurrent Criminal Legislative Jurisdiction pursuant to California Government Code section 126Federal lands comprising the El Portal Administrative Site, adjacent to Yosemite National ParkMariposa
40San Francisco Port Commission, City and County of San Francisco, California State Lands Commission, India Basin Investment, LLCG 11-01Title Settlement and Land Exchange Agreementparcels located within and adjacent to India Basin and the San Francisco BayAD 685San Francisco
41California State Lands CommissionUpdate on the Final Year of the Commission?s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and the Adoption of the California State Lands Commission 2021-2025 Strategic PlanStatewide
42California State Lands Commission (Informational)Presentations by the Ports of San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego on their COVID-19 Pandemic responseSan Francisco Alameda Los Angeles San DiegoInformational
43California State Lands CommissionSponsor legislation in the 2020-21 legislative session that would repeal obsolete school land statutes and recast or modernize other school land statutesStatewide
44California State Lands CommissionDiscussion and possible action on state legislation relevant to the California State Lands CommissionStatewideInformational