Updated Lake Tahoe Rent Methodology Study – Public Comments & Responses

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South Lake Tahoe on a sunny day with people picnicking at the lake and the mountains in the background.

The Commission is updating its 2012 Category 1 Lake Tahoe Berths and Buoys benchmark rental rates and establishing a Category 2 Lake Tahoe benchmark rental rate for non-water-dependent uses. These rates are used to determine rent or other compensation as part of a lease with the Commission for the occupation and use of state-owned land in Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake. The Commission retained an appraiser to review the current rent methodology used to calculate rental rates. The study also provides an independent, third-party evaluation of various rent methodologies and recommends a rent-setting methodology and benchmark rates going forward.

Commission staff will consider the Lake Tahoe Rent Methodology Study as one component in staff’s recommendation for an update to the benchmark rental rates and a recommendation for establishing a benchmark rental rate for non-water dependent uses. Staff will review other components and present a recommendation to be considered by the Commission at an upcoming 2021 virtual public meeting. Below is a link for the study including responses to public comment. Public comments on the study were accepted through January 31, 2021.

Lake Tahoe Rent Methodology Study (final with public comments)