Data Summaries

The Marine Invasive Species Program monitors and analyzes vessel arrival patterns at all California ports. Staff obtains arrivals data from the Marine Exchanges of Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Region and ballast water data from the vessel-submitted reporting forms.

Data is updated quarterly.
Last update: February 27, 2023.

Historical Data

Total Arrivals 2010-2022

Bar graph showing total number of arrivals at all California ports since 2010 until 2022.

Total vessel arrivals 2010-2022


Total Arrivals by Region 2018-2022

Line graph showing the number of arrivals since 2018 separated by Northern California and Southern California.

Total vessel arrivals by region 2018-2022


Total Ballast Water Discharged 2010-2022

Bar graph showing total ballast water discharged in California ports since 2010 until 2022.

Total ballast water discharged 2010-2022

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Program Manager
Chris Scianni

Ballast Water and Biofouling
Lina Ceballos Osuna

Raya Nedelcheva

Jonathan Thompson

Jackie Mackay

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