AB 691 Assessment Criteria

Oct 18, 2018 | AB 691, Legislation

Assessment of impacts of sea-level rise

  1. Inventory vulnerable natural and built resources and facilities
  2. Consider impacts and recommendations described in the current State Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance.
  3. Consider impacts of storms and extreme events
  4. Consider changing shorelines
  5. Consider trends in relative local sea level
  6. Consider impacts to public trust resources and values, including but not limited to public access, commerce, recreation, coastal habitats, and navigability
  7. Prioritize vulnerabilities to be addressed

Maps of 2030, 2050, and 2100 impacts

  1. FEMA flood hazard maps can be accepted if the projected timeframe is appropriate
  2. Refer to online mapping tool resources if the trustee does not have in-house resources needed to complete

Estimate of financial costs of sea-level rise

  1. Replacement or repair costs of resources and facilities that could be impacted by sea-level rise and climate change processes
  2. Non-market values, including recreation and ecosystem services, of public trust resources that could be impacted by climate change and sea-level rise processes
    1. See Center for the Blue Economy library or Duke Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership
  3. Consider costs of 2030, 2050, and 2100 high sea-level rise projection with a 100-year storm
  4. Include anticipated costs of adaptation/mitigation measures, and potential benefits of such strategies and structures

Description of how trustee proposes to protect and preserve resources and structures that would be impacted by sea-level rise

  1. Describe proposed mitigation/adaptation measures, and how vulnerabilities will be addressed
  2. Describe the timeframe of the implementation of such measures
  3. Describe plans to monitor impacts of sea-level rise and climate change, as well as the effectiveness of mitigation/adaptation measures
  4. Describe any regional partnerships the trustee is a party to or intending to form that would address sea-level rise and climate change vulnerability or increase resiliency


 Reid Boggiano
Granted Lands Program Manager

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