Public Records Act Requests

The California Public Records Act was enacted to provide the citizens of California improved access to government records. The California State Lands Commission acknowledges that access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a fundamental and necessary right of every citizen of California.

Who can initiate a Public Records Act request?

Any person can make a Public Records Act request.

What types of records are available?

All agency records not exempt from disclosure by state law(s) are available. Certain records or portions of records are subject to privacy laws and/or other exemptions from disclosure and are not available for public viewing. For more information, see sections 6250-6270 and 6276 et seq. of California Government Code.

How quickly will the California State Lands Commission respond to my request?

The California State Lands Commission must provide a response within 10 business days.

How soon can one view a record after it is located?

Depending upon where the records are located, the records may be available very quickly. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment. Review appointments occur during normal business hours, 8:30-4:00 M-F.

Must one come in to the State Lands Commission to view the records?

Yes. Original records will not be transferred to another location for review, however, copies of records can be sent.

Can I bring in my own computer, scanner, camera or copy service to copy the record?

No. State Lands Commission staff will arrange for all required reproduction. Reproduction charges will apply. One may, however, take as many notes with pencil and paper as is necessary.

Are there rules that govern my handling of original records?

Yes. Since many of the records of the State Lands Commission are original, of historical value and sometimes fragile, you are required to handle all records carefully, use only a pencil and paper to take notes, and never eat or drink around or near the records at any time. Your cooperation will ensure that important records will be available in the future.

What if I want to view large numbers of records?

Public Records Act requests are not limited to the number of pages requested. However the time for staff to locate and provide the material may be increased.

How long will the State Lands Commission hold requested records for me?

Items requested for review under the California Public Records Act will be available for review for 22 business days from the date of notification to the requestor. Requested materials will be returned to file and the PRA request will be considered complete after 22 days. If, after 22 business days, the requestor still wishes to pursue a request for records, a new request will be required.

How can one obtain copies of records in electronic format?

If a request seeks public records in an electronic format, the California State Lands Commission will provide those public records that are not exempt from disclosure in an electronic format if the California State Lands Commission has them in that format at the time the request is received.

How does one begin a Public Records Act request?

Contact the California State Lands Commission in writing. Please include:

  1. Your statement that this is a Public Records Act request;

  2. The date(s) of the record;

  3. The subject of the record;

  4. A clear and specific description of the record;

  5. The county or counties to which the record relates;

  6. Any additional information that helps staff identify the record;

  7. Your complete contact information.

Please direct your request for records to:

Public Records Act Coordinator
California State Lands Commission
100 Howe Avenue Suite 100-South
Sacramento, CA 95825

Emails can be directed to the PRA Coordinator at:

Reproduction Fees