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In 1965, the City of Stockton was granted sovereign tide and submerged lands in the natural channel of the San Joaquin River, known as Buckley Cove, to hold in trust for public trust purposes including for the establishment, improvement and conduct of a harbor.

  • Staff Reports
    04/28/1977 (49) Consideration of substantial compliance
    10/29/2010 (31) Dredging lease
    12/05/2012 (41) General lease - dredging
  • Granting Statute
    Digest / Bill Information
    Chapter 1700, Statutes of 1965 An act conveying in trust certain tidelands and submerged lands lying in the natural channel of the San Joaquin River to the City of Stockton in furtherance of navigation, commerce and fisheries upon certain trusts and conditions, and providing for the government, management, use and control thereof, and reserving rights to the state.

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