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The County of Santa Barbara was granted sovereign tide and submerged lands in trust in 1931 for the establishment, improvement and conduct of a harbor, construction of bulkheads or breakwaters and utilities, structures and appliances necessary or convenient for promotion or accommodation of commerce and navigation and the protection of the lands within the county. A portion of the grant was transferred to the County's successor in interest, the City of Carpinteria, when it incorporated in 1965.

  • Staff Report
    10/17/1995 (81) Consider approval and execution of a title settlement and boundary line agreement involving certain lands in and adjacent to the Pacific Ocean near Carpinteria, County of Santa Barbara, pursuant to Chapter 846, Statutes of 1931 and Public Resources Code Section 6301 and 6357
  • Granting Statute
    Digest / Bill Information
    Chapter 846, Statutes of 1931 An act granting certain tidelands and submerged lands of the State of California to the county of Santa Barbara in said state upon certain trusts and conditions.
  • Title Settlement / Boundary Agreement
    AD 230 / BLA 270 Sandyland Cove settlement and boundary line agreement. State of California, acting by and through the State Lands Commission, the County of Santa Barbara, acting as trustee of certain State owned tide and submerged lands, and certain Sandyland Cove lot owners and their secured lenders

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