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Photo of a lake and mountain in Lake County, CA

Lake County was granted sovereign submerged lands in trust in 1973 for the protection of wildlife habitats, the improvement, protection and conservation of the wildlife and fish resources and the ecology of the area, open space and areas for recreational use, the enhancement of the aesthetic appearance of the lake, control of dredging or filling of the lake and prevention of pollution of the lake, for the establishment improvement, and conduct of a small boat harbor, marina, aquatic playground, and similar recreational facilities, for public buildings, public assembly and meeting places, convention centers, parks, playgrounds, bathhouses and bathing facilities, recreation and fishing piers, public recreation facilities, for works, buildings, facilities, utilities, structures, appliances, and transportation, utility facilities and betterments incidental, necessary or convenient for the promotion and accommodation of these uses.

  • Staff Reports
    07/25/1974 (23) Approval of survey and maps of low water line of Clear Lake
    12/19/1977 Status of major litigation: Anderson Marsh in Clearlake
    01/26/1978 (32) Authorization to hold public hearing
    10/30/1981 (50) Authorization to adopt high and low water lines of Clear Lake
    08/12/1991 (20) Authorize retaining possession of artifacts
    09/01/2011 (01) Dredging lease
  • Granting Statute
    Digest / Bill Information
    Chapter 639, Statutes of 1973 An act to convey in trust the submerged lands in Clear Lake to the County of Lake, and to its successors, in furtherance of navigation and commerce and the fisheries and to provide for the government, management and control thereof, and to reserve certain rights to the state.

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