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Aerial photo of Humboldt Bay by Bob Brown, who serves on the City of Arcata's Wetlands and Creeks Committee, 2010

The City of Arcata was granted sovereign tide and submerged lands in trust in 1913. In 1989, the original grant was repealed and replaced with a new granting statute for the purposes of commerce, navigation, fisheries, and other public trust purposes and in accordance with a land use plan approved by the City and the Commission.

  • Staff Reports
    08/23/1979 (29) Acceptance of quitclaim - general permit public agency use
    12/17/1981 (24) Acceptance of land donation
    05/09/1988 (35) Approval of agreement for solid waste assessment testing at Old Arcata landfill site
    08/24/2006 (25) Dredging lease to Sierra Pacific Industries. 10,000 cubic yards over a ten year period
  • Granting Statutes
    Digest / Bill Information

    Chapter 344, Statutes of 1913

    REPEALED by Chapter 1238

    An act granting to the city of Arcata the tide lands and submerged lands of the state within the boundaries of, and within two miles of the boundaries of said city.

    Chapter 542, Statutes of 1917

    REPEALED by Chapter 1238

    An act granting to the city of Arcata tide and submerged lands of the State of California, including the right to wharf out therefrom to the city of Arcata, and regulating the management, use and control thereof.
    Chapter 1040, Statutes of 1976 An act to amend Section 23 of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District Act (Chapter 1283 of the Statutes of 1970), relating to the settlement of titles to tide and submerged lands in the Humboldt Bay area.
    Chapter 1238, Statutes of 1989 An act to repeal Chapter 344 of the Statutes of 1913 and Chapter 542 of the Statutes of 1917, relating to tidelands and submerged lands and to convey certain tide and submerged lands to the City of Arcata.
  • Title Settlements / Boundary Agreements
    AD 89 Quitclaim Deed. City of Arcata to State Lands Commission, State of California
    SLL 81 Grant Deed. George R. Van Vleet and Doris Van Vleet to the State of California

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