Tomales Bay Mooring Program

The Commission, in partnership with the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, is administering the Tomales Bay Mooring Program. This page provides essential information for existing private mooring owners on Tomales Bay and those who are interested in installing a new mooring. The information here is provided for mooring lease applicants to ensure that moorings on Tomales Bay are in compliance with state and federal regulations.

The Commission is now accepting mooring lease applications from any party interested in applying for a mooring lease within the sovereign lands of Tomales Bay. All mooring lease applicants are required to submit a Commission mooring lease application, and provide all required additional information as outlined in the Tomales Bay Mooring Program Requirements. The total transition period for existing mooring owners to obtain or be in the process of applying for a Commission mooring lease is six months, ending on February 10, 2016. Without exception, all moorings must hold a valid lease or be in the process for obtaining a lease by February 10, 2016.

Attention Current Mooring Owners

If a green tag was placed on your mooring:

If you are applying for a mooring lease as a current mooring owner and have received a green tag on your mooring, the following documents are necessary to determine if you qualify for a lease:

If a yellow tag was placed on your mooring:

A yellow tag means that an existing mooring is located in an area prohibited by the criteria of the Tomales Bay Mooring Program. Do not attempt to remove this mooring as it could cause damage to sensitive habitat. The owner of this mooring must contact the Sanctuary representative listed on the yellow tag for further instructions.

Once yellow-tagged mooring owners determine a new location, the documents provided under the “green tag” section above should be used. To help owners of yellow-tagged moorings who are interested in applying for a mooring lease in a new location, we have designed an Interactive PDF Map that can show all the mooring criteria throughout Tomales Bay.

Tomales Bay Mooring Program Requirements

Private vessel moorings in Tomales Bay must meet all standards outlined in the Tomales Bay Mooring Program Requirements. It includes all criteria and requirements for private vessel moorings in Tomales Bay. This document should be used as the main source of information for potential Tomales Bay mooring lease applicants and mooring owners. Topics outlined in this document include:

  • An overview of the Mooring Program and the purpose and need for the Program
  • Information on the initial rollout of the program and instructions for owners of existing unpermitted moorings
  • An explanation of Program applicability and exemptions
  • Commission Mooring Program lease requirements
  • Special conditions for Tomales Bay mooring leases
  • Mooring siting criteria and requirements for the location of moorings
  • Mooring tackle requirements
  • Mooring inspection and maintenance requirements
  • Information on the Commission mooring lease application process and information submittal requirements
  • Mooring installation and positioning
  • Provisions for termination of the Commission mooring lease, and
  • Compliance monitoring and enforcement

Lease Application Documents

A Commission lease is required for all private vessel moorings on Tomales Bay. GFNMS and CSLC have developed a Mooring Lease Application GuideĀ to provide additional instructions for potential mooring lease applicants.

The lease application is only available through the California State Lands Commission.


For additional information or to request a hard copy of the lease application, contact:

Public Land Manager
Nick Lavoie
(916) 574-0452