Burlingame Trust Assessment

Aerial photo of the Burlingame parcel in question

The Commission is conducting a public trust needs assessment for vacant state-owned property on the Bayfront. The purpose is to provide the public with information and receive community feedback on what uses are consistent with the Public Trust Doctrine and fit within the City's General and Specific Plan designations. We want to hear from you. Our ambition is to have robust, comprehensive, and efficient public outreach and bring a recommendation on the most appropriate Public Trust uses for the land to the Commission at the earliest opportunity. The Assessment will incorporate climate change and sea level rise data and analysis, environmental justice considerations, and other factors that will inform our analysis.

Latest News

  • Public Input
    Find out the uses that the public suggested at our community meeting and through letters, emails and other correspondence. We want to ensure that your voice is heard. Please contact al.franzoia@slc.ca.gov to submit additional comments or to receive more information on the public trust needs assessment and next steps.
  • Public Trust Needs Assessment Presentation - 03/22/18