Land Leasing

Public and private entities may apply to the Commission for leases or permits on State lands for many purposes including marinas, industrial wharves, tanker anchorages, harvesting of timber, dredging, grazing, mining, oil and gas, and geothermal development.

For example, developers of marinas along the State's navigable rivers, natural lakes, and bays are required by law to acquire a lease of the State's land at the marina site. Private landowners who wish to install a recreational pier adjacent to their waterfront residence must likewise obtain a lease.

For work in harbors and waterways, dredging permits are issued to both public and private parties by the Commission. If the dredged material is to be used for a commercial purpose, a royalty is charged by the Commission.

Unsold school lands remain in counties from Del Norte and Modoc in the north, to San Diego and Imperial in the south, and may be leased to private parties to generate revenue for the State's retired teachers. Forested school lands are being managed to produce self-sustaining yields of timber, while other school lands suitable for grazing or farming may be leased to ranchers and farmers.

In the early 1900s, the State reserved certain mineral rights when school lands were sold. These mineral interests may be leased for mining operations, and royalties collected for removal of sand, gravel, precious metals, trona and other minerals.

Applications for the use of any of these lands can be made to the Commission. They must include an outline of the proposed project, supporting environmental data, and payment of appropriate fees. Staff then reviews such applications and makes recommendations to the Commission for action.