Theodore Reichert (1886-94)

Photo of Theodore Reichert

Theodore Reichert, a native of Ohio, was born in 1839. While no facts concerning his background or education are known, it is fairly apparent that any formal education, he may have received was not in a professional field; however his written reports and extant letters indicate either some higher education or keen natural ability.

Arriving in California in 1858, Reichert settled in Sacramento, where he opened his own business in the field of grain commissions. Between 1863 and 1867, he returned East and traveled for a year, working as a grocer. Reichert returned to the Pacific Coast in 1868 and settled in White Pine, Nevada until 1869, when he apparently received an appointment in the United States Surveyor General's office in San Francisco.

In 1886, Reichert was elected Surveyor General of California and re-elected to that position in 1888, 1890 and 1892.

Throughout his tenure as Surveyor General, Reichert grappled with the problem of delinquent interest on state lands. Echoing this complaint in each Biennial Report he wrote, and importuned the Legislature to amend the law to make appropriate provision for payment of costs in foreclosure suits. The Legislature, as usual, apparently took no heed of the Surveyor General's requests.

Reichert returned to San Francisco in 1894 and was employed in private business in there until his death on July 10, 1910.

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