William M. Eddy (1851-53)

In November 1849, Eddy was appointed City Surveyor of San Francisco, and in December 1849, he was nominated to the office of State Surveyor General, although he lost the election to Charles J. Whiting by one vote. A few days later, however, Eddy was elected City Surveyor in the first charter election of San Francisco. In 1851 Eddy was elected State Surveyor General of California. Between 1850 and 1852, Eddy and his staff surveyed numerous city and private locations, and the majority of early maps of San Francisco were based upon Eddy's various surveys.

While Eddy was extremely active as a surveyor both in San Francisco and as California's Surveyor General, there is some question as to the accuracy of his work. This may be partially explained by poor instruments and inattention to detail.

Although facts regarding Eddy's education or background could not be ascertained, it is fairly certain that not only was he an experienced surveyor, but had some education in engineering as well.

Following his term of office, Eddy returned to San Francisco, where he died on March 10, 1854.

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